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ACCESS BARS© English In Treatment with Access Bars, 32 points are touched on the head. Bars, is "rafters", go through and around the head. These points represent different areas of life such as: joy, creativity, money, control, sexuality, gratitude, grief, health and more ..... One is more susceptible to "courage" in all aspects of life as healing prosperity ... In the Access Bar course you will learn how to give this kind of treatment. Throughout our lives, we have "bought" others belief system and feelings that are not really ours and do not serve us. For example, when I was 13, I thought my body was perfect I didn't have any thoughts that there was anything else even though I didn't look like any photo model. But when all the girls around me began to be concerned with weight and how they look like I "bought" the belief that my body was not beautiful .. You learn all these valuable tools how to recognize what thoughts and beliefs are yours and not yours and what serves you, and what you can do to delete them from subconscious. When you let go of them, you make space and allow for something new to come to your life. During the course you get 2 treatment and learn to give 2 treatment. You are getting a diploma and can work with Access Bars if you wish. The course costs NOK 3000, - (It's the same price in the whole world) Kr. 1500 for you who repeat the course. Free of charge for children under 16 who come with one of their parents Free for children under 16 who come with one of the parents I put a video where I explain more about this The course is in Norwegian. In English when it`s needed. Last day to register for the course is 19.08.20. Please visit my home page: https://www.accessbarsdaniela.com/ Access Bars mantra "All of life comes to me with Ease Joy and Glory" ❤ Best regards Welcome Daniela Abecasis Eriksen danieer@online.no 98829650 https://www.accessconsciousness.com/en

Access Bars kurs kommer i Januar

Access Bars courses comes in January